Tacklesport’s Physical Education software resources are relevant to the National Curriculum for PE across the Key Stages.


Fitness and Health for KS 3 & 4 supports the Healthy, Active Lifestyles Key Concept of the National Curriculum for PE. The content of the resource has been devised to help teachers integrate this element into their teaching, whilst also helping pupils develop ‘understanding that physical activity contributes to the healthy functioning of the body and mind and is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle’. AssessED is an interactive, flexible learning teaching and assessment resource in game format designed to support pupil learning in GCSE Physical Education. Designed by Sheffield Hallam University the resource allows for ‘personalisation’ by teachers to ensure content is relevant and up to date.

Competition Template Generator
Competition Template Generator

An interactive cometition template generator. Appropriate for any competition. Save, update and print your templates quickly and easily.

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Sale! Fitness & Health for Key Stage 3 & 4
Fitness & Health for Key Stage 3 & 4

The installed software includes:

  • Exemplar lesson plans representing the units across key stage 3 and 4
  • Introducing Activities, including Stretching, Mobility, Generic and Sport Specific Warm Up Activities
  • Nutrition for Sport, including how to keep healthy and what factors influences health. A Food Pyramid and Body Mass Index calculator are also included
  • A Reflection and Evaluation section encourages teachers to reflect and evaluate activities used to promote Fitness and Health
  • Planning and Training for Sport guides pupils in the development of personal Training Programs
  •  NEW digital ‘Performance Profiler’ to assess and develop sports performance
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mi move
mi move

mi move is an interactive, easy-to-use tool to support coaches and teachers develop children’s movement competency.

Dozens of child centred activities are organized by outcome as well as stage of development to allow the practitioner plan and deliver a session to meet the needs to the children in the class/group.

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Sale! Observing & Analysing Learners’ Movement
Observing & Analysing Learners’ Movement

The overall purpose of ‘Observing and Analysing Learners’ Movement’ is to:

  • Enable trainees, teachers and other practitioners to observe, describe and analyse learners’ movement.
  • Enhance knowledge and understanding of motor development.
  • Raise standards by promoting effective motor development, movement education and Physical Education.
  • Assist those working with learners aged 7-14 to provide movement learning experiences that match pupil needs.
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Sale! Observing Children Moving
Observing Children Moving

Observing Children Moving is a unique resource designed to enable practitioners to:

  • Observe and analyse children's movement.
  • Enhance knowledge and understanding of stages of movement development.
  • High quality movement education and physical education for children aged 3-14 years.

Observing Children Moving includes over 90 video clips of children performing a range of movement capabilities (i.e. roll, block build, run, climb, throw, catch, write, jump, clay activity, gallop, kick, strike).

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Performance Profiler
Performance Profiler

Evaluate participants’ performance (via a 10 point scoring system) in a variety of contexts.

Create, save, print and share profiles using this simple interactive tool.

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Teaching & Coaching Basketball
Teaching & Coaching Basketball

This Basketball Development Resource is designed for persons looking to develop their teaching and coaching expertise within basketball from Key Stages 1 to 4. This resource will enable coaches to plan, prepare and deliver coaching sessions that include games, skill based activities, technique development practices and components of fitness. Watch a preview video of Teaching & Coaching Basketball below. (Note: This resource is currently only available for Windows operating systems)

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