Fitness & Health for Key Stage 3 & 4

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The installed software includes:

  • Exemplar lesson plans representing the units across key stage 3 and 4
  • Introducing Activities, including Stretching, Mobility, Generic and Sport Specific Warm Up Activities
  • Nutrition for Sport, including how to keep healthy and what factors influences health. A Food Pyramid and Body Mass Index calculator are also included
  • A Reflection and Evaluation section encourages teachers to reflect and evaluate activities used to promote Fitness and Health
  • Planning and Training for Sport guides pupils in the development of personal Training Programs
  •  NEW digital ‘Performance Profiler’ to assess and develop sports performance

Product Description

Fitness & Health for KS 3 & 4 – includes: Introducing Activities, including Stretching, Mobility, Generic and Sport Specific Warm Up Activities, Exemplar lesson plans, reflection and Evaluation sections, Nutrition for sport

Two major influences have provided the catalyst for the production of Tacklesport’s Fitness & Health software resource:

  1. In 2002 ‘Increasing the emphasis on fitness, health and well-being in key stage 4’ was written in consultation with leaders in health-education, secondary PE teachers, head teachers and members of the PE subject community.
  2. Two years later the report ‘Storing up Problems – the Medical Case for a Slimmer Nation’ was written and aimed at all stakeholders including government, local authorities, health professionals, educators, food manufacturers, food retailers, advertisers and the public. It warned that being overweight restricts body activity, damages health and shortens life; and it harms self-esteem and social life.

The report’s recommendations apply to all age groups from childhood to old age. Action needs to be taken at all levels; schools should not only promote healthy eating and increased physical activity, but also understand and show awareness of the social and cultural issues that have led to the increase in obese and overweight individuals.

This resource therefore aims to provide teachers and pupils with: 

  1. Background information and lesson ideas for the integrated delivery of knowledge and understanding of fitness and health in and through physical education lessons.
  2. A learner centred approach that promotes individual responsibility and informed choice.

It is important for P.E. teachers and Sports coaches to effectively evaluate the factors that contribute to overall sporting performance. The NEW digital Performance Profiler, as seen below, can be used to evaluate participants’ performance by identifying elements (via a 10 point scoring system) in a variety of contexts e.g. an individual sport specific profile, a team performance profile or a competition profile. The Performance Profiling tool is included FREE! as part of Fitness & Health.

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