Observing & Analysing Learners’ Movement

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The overall purpose of ‘Observing and Analysing Learners’ Movement’ is to:

  • Enable trainees, teachers and other practitioners to observe, describe and analyse learners’ movement.
  • Enhance knowledge and understanding of motor development.
  • Raise standards by promoting effective motor development, movement education and Physical Education.
  • Assist those working with learners aged 7-14 to provide movement learning experiences that match pupil needs.

Product Description

Observing & Analysing Learners’ Movement is part of the Movement Observation Series, two  unique resources (installed software) designed to promote high quality movement education and physical education for children aged 3 – 14 years.

The series is the product of an Association for Physical Education (AfPE) research project and was created by a team of experts in children’s movement development led by Patricia Maude MBE and developed by Tacklesport (Consultancy) Ltd.

The aims of the resources are to:

    • Be flexible learning tools for the enhancement of observation, description and analysis of movement.
    • Be a means to develop an understanding of movement development and motor pattern analysis.

These aims are achieved by providing:

    • A range of movement capabilities and motor patterns with approaches and guides to movement observation.
    • Analysis grids describing capabilities and movement patterns.
    • Strategies and ideas for development, suggesting approaches and ideas for learning and teaching.

A rich and engaging resource including:

  • Multi-view video illustrating stages of development for analysis.
  • Still frame photography illustrating general points of technique that contribute to good performance.

Observing and Analysing Learners’ Movement includes over 100 video clips of children performing a range of motor patterns:

  • Shot put
  • Forward roll
  • Javelin throw
  • Skip
  • Jump to catch
  • Hockey dribble
  • Hurdle
  • Pair balance
  • Turn
  • Tuck jump off apparatus
  • Leap
  • Handstand
  • Tennis serve.

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