Lost installation details or serial number

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[faq] [faqitem question=”I have lost my email containing the installation details. Can you replace them?”]The replacement cost for locating and re-sending you download details is £5.00. Proof of original purchase is required. We may need to know where you purchased the … Continued

Replacement discs

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[faq] [faqitem question=”I have lost my installation disc. Can I get a replacement?”]The replacement cost for a set of CDs or DVDs is £10.00 including postage & packing. Proof of original purchase is required.[/faqitem] [/faq]  

Running Tacklesport software on a VLE

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Many Schools, Colleges and Universities have taken the opportunity to install and run Tacklesport software on their schools ‘Network’ (including various learning platforms, Network systems such as RM or just a basic Windows server). Why buy a Network version?
 Network versions … Continued

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