Tacklesport is an established sports teaching and coaching software retailer, designer and production company.

Established in 1994 as the UK’s first teaching & coaching software designer and retailer, Tacklesport has an unrivalled record for the delivery of innovation and cutting edge, quality resources. Our products have won plaudits internationally and we are the company of choice for organisations that have sought to provide their teachers and coaches with the best digital learning and development opportunities.

Tacklesport resources have been endorsed by Government Ministers, recognised in National Awards, underpinned Coach Award Schemes and National Programmes in Schools, utilised by teachers and coaches from the classroom to the international arena, and provided development opportunities for children and adults in teaching, coaching, administration, officiating and participation contexts.

Coaching Tips

Free Software with G.A.P.S. Offer!


The 30% OFF Special Offer Continues!!! Its 2018, major games are into the 2nd half of the season and keen to freshen up training sessions, and our Special Offer continues – 250 Games,... READ MORE

Coaching Tip No.20:


Be original – your players deserve it! It was recently suggested to me by a coach development manager that coaches in their sport were consistently asking for more and more pre-written session plans.... READ MORE