• Sports Coaching Software.

    A man striking a football during a coaching session.

    Tacklesport¬†provides Sports coaching software to support teachers, coaches and parents with 1000′s of coaching ideas, session plans and drills.

    Our Software for coaches has been designed for the following sports, please click the sport to take you to the relevant pages.

    We also have a FREE app which can be downloaded to the iPhone.

    TackleSport was the first sports teaching multimedia production company in the UK and since then we have been working with some of the world’s leading sports authorities, such as;

    • Association of Cricket officials,
    • The Department for Education and Skills,
    • England & Wales Cricket board,
    • The Football Association,
    • The Rugby Football Union.

    A more comprehensive list of who Tacklesport has worked with over the past 20 years can be found on the Our clients page.

    Tacklesports sports coaching software is a powerful tool and so easy to use that anyone coaching a sports team can use the software to help their players improve their game.

    The software is being used across the globe by parents, sports teachers and sports coaches.

    Tacklepsorts software is designed to help you create fun lesson plans, drills and games to help increase skills levels and show improvements in those you are coaching.

    Tackelsport was created by Andrew Cushing who is himself a former international rugby coach, keen sportsman and thought leader in sports coaching and technology.

    Tacklepsort is driven in its goal to continue to be a huge force in the UK for innovating and developing sports teaching and resources for coaches.

    Tacklepsport  is determined to work with sports across all levels, particularly at grass routes level to see improvements in the standard of games played.

    Our goal is that every sports coach, parent and P.E teacher has access to our Sports Coaching Software.

    More information regarding the history, vision and goals of Tacklesport can be found in the About-Us section for this website.