The Tacklesport G.A.P.S. Sports Coaching App is available for IPhone users.

G.A.P.S is one of the best apps for coaches, Sports Teachers and parent’s of Rugby, Australian Football, Soccer, Hockey, Cricket, Netball and Basketball players and students.

The app has been specifically designed to improve the playing ability of its users.

The app works with you to plan exciting and effective sessions and lessons from your mobile device.

The app provides access to over 2000 animated Games, Activities, Practices and Skills (G.A.P.S.)® from 8 different sports: Australian Football, Basketball, Cricket, Football (soccer), Hockey, Netball, Rugby League, Rugby Union.


The iphone screen shot of the G.A.P.S Sports Coaching App

The G.A.P.S. Sports Coaching App allows you to:

  • Purchase and download the G.A.P.S. you like and take them with you.
  • View detailed text describing how to set up, run and adapt the G.A.P.S. as well as the animated description.
  • Create sessions from your downloaded G.A.P.S. and add your own notes.
  • Filter your downloads by: Sport, Component, Category and Ability Level.
  • Build sessions in a browser and sync them seamlessly to your phone.


Each sport comes with FREE content, which includes 5 or more G.A.P.S. (Games, Activities, Practices and Skills). To start getting the full benefit of your app, additional packages are only 0.69p (GBP)/ $0.99 (US)/ 0,79€ (Euro)/ $0.99 (Aus), complete with detailed animations and supporting text. Download packages to your iPhone or iPad and start creating sessions or lessons.

With over 2000 animated G.A.P.S. to choose from you need never struggle again to find new ideas or to create great sessions or lessons!