Sale! Additional Credits
Additional Credits

Buy additional credits to activate our software on your additional computers, i.e. a work PC or personal laptop. The additional credits can be purchased for ALL Tacklesport software except PP4P.

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G.A.P.S. Upgrade
G.A.P.S. Upgrade

This upgrade  applies to Users who have previously purchased Animated Skill Drills for Sports Coaching and wish to access the new G.A.P.S. software.

In 2011 Tacklesport took the step of updating the extremely successful Animated Skill Drills series to bring the software up to a more acceptable format for modern PC’s, as well as introducing Tacklesport’s unique and significant contribution to ‘games based’ teaching and coaching. Entitled G.A.P.S. (Games, Activities, Practices, Skills) this Tacklesport model has been adopted worldwide and is changing the face of coaching.

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G.A.P.S. USB Bolt-On
G.A.P.S. USB Bolt-On

This upgrade only applies to Users who have previously purchased a USB ‘Train like a Pro’ version of the G.A.P.S. software.

Add a minimum of 100 additional Games, Activities, Practices and Skills, together with a fully interactive Risk Assessment tool to guarantee the safety and enjoyment of your sessions.

Note: You MUST specify which Sport you are upgrading.

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Sale! Re-activation Credit
Re-activation Credit

Re-activate your licence in the event that your PC is damaged or replaced.

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