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Secondary Schools ‘Movement, Games and Health & Fitness’ Pack

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 7 resources to develop fundamental movement & games skills and develop knowledge and understanding of fitness & health.

At only £75 (when you use the coupon code: quoting SSMGHFP2014) we are offering schools across the UK an opportunity to save over 74% off the full price of this ‘Movement, Games and Health & Fitness’ resource pack (see details below). Furthermore, you can utilise FREE the digital Performance Profiler to empower your pupils. (Note: this offer is limited to Windows operating systems only).

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Product Description

What’s included?

7 resources designed to help you develop movement and games skills in children, with an emphasis firmly on fun, movement and activity.


Observing and Analysing Learners’ Movement (more information)

Developed by experts in children’s movement and part of Tacklesport’s Movement Observation Series, this resource will give you the skills and confidence to promote high quality ‘movement education’ for the students you teach. Use it with your students to enhance their knowledge and understanding of how they move and what they can do to become more skilful ‘movers’.


Active Sports Series – Warm-ups & Energisers and Games & Practices (more information)

Essential ‘ideas’ resources for P.E. teachers, Active Sports Warm-Ups & Energisers and Games & Activities titles support a ‘Games sense’ approach by giving teachers the tools to deliver enjoyable, engaging and yet challenging lessons and sessions. The activities and games are suitable for use in a wide variety of environments and across a range of ages and abilities


G.A.P.S. (Games, Activities, Practices, Skills) (select 4 titles)  (more information)

G.A.P.S. (Games, Activities, Practices, Skills) ® software supports the effective teaching and coaching of games and is based upon a ‘Making Sense of Games’ approach to teaching & coaching, providing Games as starting points. This approach is now recognised by ALL the major games Governing Bodies as the most effective way to introduce and develop games with players of all ages and abilities.

In each G.A.P.S. resource Games are supported by a range of related Activities, with specific Practices to support key elements of successful game play (e.g. Passing), and focussed Skills exercises for the development of individual technique (e.g. leg swing in a lofted pass). Effective planning and delivery tools for teachers, they can be used for directed learning via a projector or interactive whiteboard prior to forming the core of practical lessons and sessions.


Teaching and Coaching Basketball (more information)

You don’t need to be a basketball expert to gain from this resource. Produced in association with England Basketball and based on a ‘Learning through Games’, fun approach to playing games, it gives everything needed for active, enjoyable and meaningful P.E. & Games lessons and team coaching sessions. Including videos and animations, printable explanatory text and session planning templates you will be able to provide your students with action packed, fun lessons whatever your experience of basketball!


Fitness & health for KS 3 and 4 (more information)

Major concerns about the health and fitness of young people, including growing awareness of a growing obesity issue, provided the catalyst for the production of Tacklesport’s Fitness & Health software resource to support national Curriculum P.E. Using a learner centred approach that promotes individual responsibility and informed choice, the resource provides background information and lesson ideas for the integrated delivery of knowledge and understanding of fitness and health in and through physical education lessons.

The software includes:

  • Exemplar lesson plans representing the units across key stage 3 and 4
  • Introducing Activities, including Stretching, Mobility, Generic and Sport Specific Warm Up Activities
  • Nutrition for Sport, including how to keep healthy and what factors influences health. A Food Pyramid and Body Mass Index calculator are also included
  • A Reflection and Evaluation section encourages teachers to reflect and evaluate activities used to promote Fitness and Health
  • Planning and Training for Sport guides pupils in the development of personal Training Programs


Free additional software:


Performance Profiler (more information)

This simple to use digital tool is perfect for assessing and developing sports performance in students. For use by both teachers AND students it can identify elements from Physical, Technical, Tactical, Psychological and Lifestyle domains and in a variety of contexts e.g. an individual sport specific profile, a team performance profile or a competition profile.

Simple to use, the profiler comes with widely accepted fundamental performance components listed; these are editable to provide flexibility of use, with functionality within the profiler allowing for as many (or as few) components to be selected and qualities to be listed as required e.g. the profiler may be used to establish a ‘general’ overview, to monitor progress, as an assessment of a pupil’s physical state or as a measure of their technical competence, or as an evaluation of competitive performance.

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