School-Club Links vital to London 2012 Legacy

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In order to build a participation legacy, the government intends to create closer links between sports clubs and schools with almost £50m being set aside for funding from Sport England.

Earlier this year concerns were voiced by leading education academics that Britain was missing the opportunity to develop the nation’s young people through sport and create a real lasting legacy following the London 2012 Games. A study confirmed that the quality of PE training for primary school PE teachers with almost half receiving less than 10 hours before qualifying. In addition, cuts to school sport funding had a major impact on the ability of schools to ‘inspire’ students to take up sport. John Steele, chief executive at the Youth Sport Trust said ‘The cuts to school sport funding has meant that schools have less money to spend on sport and PE, and less dedicated staff to run lessons – both in and out of school hours’.

London 2012 aimed to ‘inspire a generation’ and now that the Olympic Games are over, we will see whether the current schemes and new funding will contribute to a rise in participation in school and club sport. Could the future be starting to look bright for school and club sport again?

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