Coaching Tip No.13

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Manage your players better at ‘see level’! When coaching groups of young players or athletes (whether they are in teams or training groups), there will be times when it is important to bring them to together – this may be for re-organising the group, for asking questions and maintaining the games, activity, practice or skill (GAPS) focus, or for an opportunity to check for understanding for example. Whatever the reason, it is important for coaches to understand that this ‘coming together’ is a crucial learning opportunity that allows for effective communication and for developing the relationship with the team or group. With young children in particular there are simple things you can do to remove any player-coach barriers that might exist (e.g. feelings of intimidation or insecurity), and foster a positive learning environment.First, ENSURE THAT ALL OF THE GROUP ARE IN FRONT OF YOU. This might sound obvious, but I often see even experienced coaches talking to players with several standing behind them – these players are therefore excluded from the learning opportunity that is occurring, fostering feelings that they are unimportant. Second COME DOWN TO THEIR LEVEL by crouching or kneeling – coaches that tower above their players are intimidating and even small and/or young players feel they are begin spoken down to. So, for an effective, 2-way relationship with your players get down to ‘see level’!!