Coaching Tip 18:

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Observe and Analyse there is much to learn! In these days of exploding technology, the cloud is awash with the ready-made fix for all your coaching needs: session plans that are guaranteed to improve the ability of the players you coach, and the latest 3-D graphics sure to give you the perfect drill. If only it were that simple!

Ready-made session plans might promise to fix all your problems, but has the author any knowledge of the athletes/performers you coach, or what their needs are? Perfectly created graphics might look good, but do the animated players have the technical deficiencies you must identify in performers/athletes that have put their trust in you for their development?

Whilst there is no doubt that the internet provides amazing riches, the true value of effective coaching lies in the skill of the coach to deliver sessions that cater for the needs of the players in-front of them; delivery must start with observation and analysis of their performance (playing AND training), with decisions made on what is required for their development.

Observation and analysis takes time and practice to develop ­ there is much to learn so start today!!