Coaching Tip No.19: It’s all in setting-up the space!

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A common sight pre many coaching sessions is that of a coach struggling with a bag of equipment and then proceeding to set an elaborate array of multicoloured discs whilst participants stand waiting, are sent on a run around the field to ‘warm-up’, or engage in some unstructured activity. This is then often followed by a pre-planned task and then more standing and waiting or unstructured activity while the markers are hastily re-arranged for the next burst of ‘coaching’. This scenario can be easily avoided.

A simple trick (apart from setting-up before the players arrive!) is to plan your session around an area that requires minimal ‘reconstruction’ from the initial lay-out. A network of 10×10 ‘grids’ can be easily changed into larger or smaller areas by simply adding or removing one or two markers, with activities planned to accommodate this – for example a 3v1 warm-up activity can become a 4v4 or 4+2v2 game by combining 2 grids.

Think space and get set-up to coach!