Coaching Tip 17:

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Use uncomplicated language – you know it makes sense!  Do you consider yourself a ‘modern’ coach, who is up-to-date with the latest ideas? Do you pride yourself on your ability to ensure your athletes/performers are aware of the latest thinking in your sport? Do you research to prevent yourself and your coaching becoming ‘stale’?

If your answers to the above are yes, that is a positive because as a coach it is crucial to never stop learning. However it is important for you to be aware that what you pass on to your players from your learning is relevant to their stage of learning, is appropriate to their needs, and, most importantly, is delivered in a way they can understand. It seems to me that a blight of ‘modern’ coaching is the use of the latest buzz words and jargon – whilst it might sound ‘modern’, is it appropriate to the level you are coaching and, most importantly, do your athletes/performers really understand what you are saying to them? My tip is to keep the language simple, uncomplicated and appropriate to the stage of learning of the performers; ditch the jargon – you know it makes sense!!