Coaching Tip 16:

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Encourage the ‘I’s in your Teams! It is common among coaches to hear the expression ‘there is no I in team’, and in terms of creating a ‘team’ ethic this may be true. However it seems to me that in doing this many coaches forget that while there may be no ‘I’ there are plenty of ‘Individuals’; in fact there is a whole team of them!

Good coaches understand that teams are only as strong as the individuals in them and that it is the way they mould the different personalities, their abilities and their different talents that gives the team it’s strength, cohesion and character. There are no ‘weak’ players – there are players that contribute in a different way to others who may have more ‘obvious’ talents! Work with the individuals in your teams to discover what unique, valuable contributions they can bring – use small sided games and structured activities to help them express themselves, applaud their strengths and work with them on their weaknesses, ask thought provoking open questions to create positive learning environments and ownership. When the individuals shine, so will the team!