UCLAN Agreement

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University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) has become the 1st G.A.P.S. Courses University ‘hub’ site for the management and delivery of the courses by trained University tutors to the student population, or for external individuals or groups.

UCLAN’s role means that lecturers on Sport courses may integrate Tacklesport’s GAPS software and its ‘Making Sense of Games’ philosophy into existing University courses while encouraging students and other participants to improve their competence in using games as the focus for lessons and sessions and illustrates how using games develops the core skills and techniques underpinning game play.

The 1st course is being run by Steve Caldecott (Official G.A.P.S. Tutor) at the University on 7th September 2012. Visit http://gapscourses.com/findacourse.php to sign up.