Coaching Tip 22:

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If you shout-out, cut-it-out! Good coaching requires a coach to be well prepared in order that players can be given the advice and support they need. To help them do this many coaches will adopt different strategies or techniques.

One excellent, experienced coach I know collects business cards that are blank on one side – he jots down key coaching points and reminders on the blank side and pops the card in his pocket for quick reference during his sessions!

Whatever method you use the ONE thing to avoid at all costs is to shout out points to players whilst they are working – what you are shouting will not apply to all players at the same moment, your shouting is a distraction and will destroy their focus, if they are concentrating on what they are engaged in it is unlikely they will hear you, and for many players it will do little to foster good coach-player relationships.

A much more effective communication method is to ask questions to establish one or two focus points at the start of the ‘activity’, allow time for the players to work, and then reinforce with more questions. During the working periods look for opportunities to converse with players 1 to 1 without breaking their focus, or disrupting their active participation.

Remember player centred coaches ask, coach centred coaches tell. So cut-out the shout-out – your players will notice the difference!