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G.A.P.S. Netball Teaching/Coaching Software

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  • One easy to use resource suitable for all ages and abilities.
  • Our aim is to deliver Netball G.A.P.S. and coaching tips that will help players and coaches of all ages and abilities how to play Netball by developing techniques and skills specific to the game
  • Currently used World-wide by top coaches for planning sessions.
  • Endorsed by Netball Australia
  • Perfect for Level 1 & 2 coaches and PE teachers.
  • The original and unsurpassed software for animated Netball Games, Activities, Practices & Skills.
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  • G.A.P.S. Netball contains 250 Games, Activities, Practices & Skills covering: Movement & Passing; Shooting; Use of Space; Mobility In Space; Co-operation and competition; Defending The Player; Defending A Pass; Rebounding; Anticipation and interception & FUNdamental Games.
  • G.A.P.S. resources support the effective teaching and coaching of games and are based upon a Making sense of  Games approach to coaching, providing Games as starting points. These are supported by a range of related Activities, with specific Practices to support key elements of successful game play (e.g. Defending The Player), and focused Skills exercises for the development of individual technique (e.g. side stepping). G.A.P.S. Netball provides teachers and coaches with 250 G.A.P.S. in animated format.
  • The Activity Selector provides access to the content via 10 Netball specific sub categories that cover the key elements of the game. Selecting one category (e.g. Shooting) will load the relevant G.A.P.S. as thumbnails in the index. A search can be narrowed by filtering the index by Games, Activities, Practices or Skills.
  • A selected Game, Activity, Practice or Skill reveals an Information Panel. From here Overview, Organisation, Technique, Adaptation & Variation and Resources & Equipment can be viewed.
  • Selected G.A.P.S. drills can be played in large format with the Interactive Animation Player which uses an innovative Slider™ to play and control the animations.
  • You can also use the selected G.A.P.S. drills to create a Netball Session. These sessions can be saved for future reference or printed. Individual G.A.P.S. with supporting text can also be printed.

G.A.P.S. Netball Covers:

Movement and Passing

  • The activities is this section combine netball passes with pivoting, changes of direction, lunging, and rolling off a player to receive a pass. They progress from simple movements needed to catch a ball to more complex combinations.


  • The shooting G.A.P.S. offer simple, standing shot practices, and progress into combinations involving stepping forward, backwards and sideways. Running shot activities have been devised to combine movements with two shooters moving in the goal circle. The more complex activities include feeders working around the circle.

Use of Space

  • These G.A.P.S. are mainly related to attacking situations. In the first instance players work together to create space and to provide options for the pass. The practices are progressive and combine movements to provide a series of tactical suggestions.

Mobility in Space

  • The G.A.P.S. here show players where to move to make the most positive effect on court. For example, where do we run to cause the most problems for our opposition ? Where do we run to help a team mate? These questions are answered in both simple and advanced routines.

Co-operation & Competition

  • The G.A.P.S. in this section offer practices which encourage decision making in both simple and complex situations. The range is from individual routines to full court work in teams.

Defending the Player

  • The defending movements required by individuals, small groups and teams are offered in simple routines, advanced court work and strategic defensive plays.

Defending a Pass

  • Timing and making judgements are the skills practised in this section. The G.A.P.S. offer reaction type activities, group and progressive practices. The more advanced the training session, the more refined decision making is required.


  • These G.A.P.S.demonstrate the importance of variety in movements, strength and good form in jumping technique, explained in the coaching points. The practices are set out in simple form for beginners progressing to the more spectacular for advanced players.

Anticipation & Interception

  • This group of G.A.P.S. is designed to increase confidence in an individual’s ability to take part in team strategies, and defensive tactics with reliability. The activities range from warm up games to full court work.

FUNdamental Games

  • These games are set out in training sessions, with a theme, e.g. run, jump and balance. Obstacle circuits with fun activities form part of the routines and some competitive elements are included.

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