Running Tacklesport software on a VLE

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Many Schools, Colleges and Universities have taken the opportunity to install and run Tacklesport software on their schools ‘Network’ (including various learning platforms, Network systems such as RM or just a basic Windows server).

Why buy a Network version?
 Network versions allow the software to be used across a school network, allowing multiple access points and maximising use for pupils and staff.

What do I need to buy?
 If you already have the software (purchased previously) you need only purchase the licence appropriate for your institution (10, 30, 50 user or full site – See pricing chart).

If you do not yet have the software you will need to purchase both a copy of the software itself together with the network licence.

What will I receive?
If your institution has purchased a ‘Network’ Licence for a particular Tacklesport resource you will be supplied with the following:

  • Licence paperwork (2 copies – both to be signed one to be returned)
  • Network disc with a Network .exe.
  • Instructions on how to use the disc.

Where do I put the network exe?
You must first install the full version of the software from the product/resource Disc/s;

 Insert the Network disc/s and explore the contents. Copy the Network.exe file (Ctrl+c); Locate the ‘root’ directory where the original software has been installed e.g.
Computer / C Drive / Program files / AfPE / OCM; Paste (Ctrl+v) the Network.exe into this folder so that it sits along side the other files. Make any required short-cuts from this file as it by-passes the activation process.

(These instructions are provided with the Network disc).