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G.A.P.S. Australian Football Teaching/Coaching Software

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  • One easy to use Australian football training resource, suitable for all ages and abilities
  • Our aim is to deliver Football G.A.P.S. and coaching tips that will help players and coaches of all ages and abilities how to play Australian Football by developing techniques and skills specific to the game
  • Currently used World-wide by top coaches for planning sessions.
  • Perfect for Level 1 & 2 coaches and PE teachers.
  • The original and unsurpassed software for animated Australian Football Games, Activities, Practices & Skills.
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Product Description

  • G.A.P.S. Australian Football contains 250 Games, Activities, Practices & Skills covering: Goal Kicking; Hand Ball; Kicking & Marking; Spoiling & Crumbing; Defence; Half Ground  Full Ground; Patterns of Play; Fun & Games & Fitness & Running.
  • G.A.P.S. resources support the effective teaching and coaching of games and are based upon a ‘Learning through Games’ approach to coaching, providing Games as starting points. These are supported by a range of related Activities, with specific Practices to support key elements of successful game play (e.g. Defensive Skills), and focused Skills exercises for the development of individual technique (e.g. support skills). G.A.P.S. Australian Football provides teachers and coaches with 250 G.A.P.S. in animated format.
  • The Activity Selector provides access to the content via 10 sub categories that cover the key elements of the game. Selecting one category (e.g. Goal Kicking) will load the relevant G.A.P.S. as thumbnails in the index. A search can be narrowed by filtering the index by Games, Activities, Practices or Skills.
  • A selected Game, Activity, Practice or Skill reveals an Information Panel. From here Overview, Organisation, Technique, Adaptation & Variation and Resources & Equipment can be viewed.
  • Selected G.A.P.S. can be played in large format with the Interactive Animation Player which uses an innovative Slider™ to play and control the animations.
  • You can also use the selected G.A.P.S. to create a Session. These sessions can be saved for future reference or printed. Individual G.A.P.S. with supporting text can also be printed.

G.A.P.S. Australian Football Covers:

Goal Kicking

  • Includes practices for goal kicking using set shots, running shots and snaps. Shots are included from a range of angles, distances and competitive situations.

Hand ball

  • Includes practices to develop basic handball in both contested and uncontested situations, speed and accuracy, handballing from groundballs, marking and received handballs, together with activities to develop a loose man and run carry scenarios.

Kicking & Marking

  • Kicking practices include a range of kicks and distances, to moving and stationary targets, kicks to advantage, over the mark and with elements of decision making. Marking is uncontested and practiced as part of the subsequent kicking activities.

Spoiling & Crumbing

  • Practices include a range of drills for spoiling from different angles and in different body positions. Spoiling to location and targets have been included. Provides opportunities for contested marking practice.  Crumbing practices include contested and uncontested situations, forward and defensive crumbing and crumbing as part of whole ground ball movement and style of play drills. Ground ball practices include a variety of match situations.

Defensive Skills

  • Includes practices for tackling from different angles, shepherding, blocking and skills relating to defending either space or against an opponent. Contesting work includes the application of pressure and man on man situations.

Half Ground Skills

  • Includes practices for a complete range of fundamental skills such as kicking, marking, handball, groundballs, goalkicking and defensive skills all conducted in half a ground with a variety of training numbers. Includes activities for decision making.

Full Ground Skills

  • Includes practices for a complete range of fundamental skills such as kicking, marking, handball, groundballs, goalkicking and defensive skills using the full ground with a variety of training numbers. Includes activities for decision making.

Patterns of Play

  • Includes practices to develop some fundamental elements of strategic play such as moving the ball into the corridor, using key forwards, switch of play, run and overlap. These are full ground practices with large numbers of players.

Fun & Games

  • Includes practices for individual skill development that are suitable for rehabilitation and that are basically competitive in nature and designed with a fun element. Covers a range of basic and fundamental skills with an emphasis on multiple ball touches.

Fitness & Running

  •  Includes practices of both a fun and competitive nature that stress either aerobic capacity or repeated sprint ability using ball games, relays or other individual or small group activities.

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