G.A.P.S. Rugby League Teaching/Coaching Software
G.A.P.S. Rugby League Teaching/Coaching Software
  • 1 easy to use resource suitable for all ages and abilities.
  • G.A.P.S. Rugby League contains 250 skills Games, Activities, Practices & Skills covering: Passing; Running  Handling; Support; Decision Making; Play The Ball; Contact; Tackle & Defence; Kicking & Fun and Games.
  • Simple to use animation selector / session builder and playback controls with comprehensive printable teaching and coaching notes including, objectives, organisation of practice, technique and adaptations & variations.
  • Used World-wide by top coaches for planning sessions.
  • Perfect for RFL Levels 1, 2 and 3 coaches and Trainee teachers.
  • The original and best animated Rugby League coaching Games, Activities, Practices & Skills..
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Rugby League Coach Support Session Plan Resource
Rugby League Coach Support Session Plan Resource

This Coach Support Session Plan Resource has been produced to help teachers and coaches deliver fun, engaging and relevant sessions to young people. Based upon Tacklesport’s G.A.P.S. (Games, Activities, Practices and Skills) the booklet provides the perfect tool for planning and delivering sessions that develop fundamental ‘game’ skills in players.

The Interactive pdf contains: 

  • 10 Sessions (covering every aspect of the rugby league game), each with a combination of 4 Games, Activities, Practices and Skills
  • Interactive fields for the addition of notes, personalised game related activities and session evaluation notes.
  • A blank interactive template for creating additional sessions.

Activities can be added from any of the exemplars to provide an unlimited source for new and exciting sessions.

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