Coaching Tip No. 24:

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Challenge – the participants and yourself!!  When you plan sessions do you stick to the ‘tried-and-tested’, the things you know you know and that you know your participants will be able to manage reasonably comfortably? Or do you seek to challenge?

If it is the former it is likely that your players, even though they may not be telling you, will be ‘going through the motions’ and therefore not developing beyond narrow parameters. Appropriate and well structured challenge is crucial to good coaching, both for the group and for you as a coach.

I recently saw an advertisement for ‘ready-made training sessions to take straight on to the training pitch’ – hardly the stuff to challenge you as a coach, to encourage you to reflect on the needs of the group and what you will need to do to ensure the sessions you deliver are player centred with agreed learning and development goals. Will sessions such as these be able to provide the appropriate physical, technical, strategical and (most importantly), mental challenge such that those taking part will enjoy, engage and develop?

Challenge yourself to develop your planning and delivery skills, and in doing so challenge your participants – you will be amazed by how much you can achieve!