Coaching Tip No.21:

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Make TIME in your coaching – and achieve more! When you coach do you find yourself running out of time, or unable to complete the things you had planned? Do you find yourself under pressure to ‘get things done’? If you do you are not alone, particularly if you are new to coaching – many coaches suffer from failing to address the issue of time management.

Good performers learn to manage time such that they are consistently able to execute the skills they need in any pressure situation – and this has come from practice and repetition. The same is true for good coaches – they will have developed their ability to use time effectively by working at it.

Plan your sessions and work out in advance how long you need to allocate for its various elements. Be prepared to adapt – it is not about ‘getting everything in’, but about getting things right. Wear or carry a stop-watch (one you can read in the dark!) to keep yourself on track; as your time management improves you will need it less, but to start with it will be invaluable.

Know what you are looking for in the session, what questions you may need to ask, and what information you might need to deliver – being able to manage situations confidently, efficiently and effectively will have a real time benefit. And always review your session – time spent reflecting may give you the time you are looking for!!

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  1. Phil Donoghue

    Well said Mike. To develop Mike’s themes, all the following is common sense;
    Don’t try to do too much, a few key points in any session is sufficient, too many and the first few will get lost. Arrive early for the session and set up any grids you might want to use, so you are waiting for the players,
    Use the warm up to assess how the players might be feeling, and if it is your first session with them to assess their relative abilities and enthusiasm;- play games and watch them rather than sending the squad off round the pitch,
    Dont worry if you don’t get through your plan, reinforce the points you do get to work on, you can always develop at the next session,
    Ask the players at the end of the session how it went for them, what worked and what didnt.